Creating Spaces

Published January 19, 2012 by sortitclickitdone

All of my life, I have been attempting to create my own space.  From my bedroom closet floor in the room my sister and I shared to the entry way closet in my family home when the bedroom closet became too crowded, I was trying to make my own space.  As an adult, my apartment that I shared with two other women that were there first, I quickly utilized my extra large room and made that my bedroom, desk, living room, and sometimes dining room all in one.  I stopped caring about my own space as the years went on.  During my first marriage, I had no space of my own and as I reflect, wonder if this was a symptom of a larger problem.  From our apartments to our first homes, all of the space was taken up by “our” things, “his” things, and then finally “kid” things.  After the divorce, I again had my own space in the duplex I rented.  Never meaning to fall in love, I met the man I was to marry and quickly we began talking about combining spaces.  I resisted this invitation at first after all I went through to GET my own space again.  But I was quickly won over by the love and affection shown to me by my wonderful husband.  We squeezed 5 people into a home built for 3.  I was in love…but I didn’t have any space.  After a couple of years, my husband was feeling the lack of space and made the ultimatum, “move or remodel”.  We created wonderful spaces in the remodel for the kids, a wonderful bedroom for us, and my husband reclaimed the “man space” he had lost by the marriage.  While my bedroom became a peaceful refuge for me, I was missing something.  As my husband worked on another space for the kids, “the game room”; I began to have this longing for my own space.  After all, I was running a business from home, homeschooling the kids—wasn’t I entitled to some space?  I was told I could share the “man space”.  Well, my friend, the man space is in the basement where it is cold and where I am away from the kid space and at any moment, the kids would be fighting because I wasn’t near enough to respond.  Today I took charge.  I have been slowly emptying the mud room that we created when we remodeled under the guise of “organization”.  I put a work table in the room, my computer, a chair, and some of my scrapbook supplies.  Ahhhhh….my space.  My space so that I don’t have to clear it off every time we eat like I did at the kitchen table.  My space is a place where I can leave my creativity and come back to it without unloading everything only to put it away again.  Everyone needs a space, whether it is a closet door taken off of a room and made into a little alcove, whether it is an area of a kitchen that is not used.  Or it could be a bedroom closet floor when you and your sister have to share everything…


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