This Valentine’s Day, bring some PLAY and JOY

Published February 11, 2012 by sortitclickitdone

There are so many ways to find friends.  One of them is to get a group of people together whom you know but really don’t know and craft together.  I had so much fun gathered at Glitter Workshop today with 7 families making Valentine’s Day cards, boxes, and treat bag toppers.  I didn’t know one of the mothers was a potter.  I got to catch up on another person’s comings and goings in her busy family.  I got to see the skill and talent of the adults and kids alike as they glued, cut, stuck, and blinged their precious valentines for their families and friends.  Homemade gifts ARE the best kind.

We’ve had a delicious week.  Handmade treat bag toppers on the top column photos,  some delicious cupcakes from Cupcakes-A-Go-Go, Love Paper Photo Albums from Creative Memories,  digital treat bag toppers made with the wonderful Storybook Creator, and finally, homemade love.

My sister-in-law sent us a big box filled with paper hearts and stencils that she cut out by hand and dipped in paint with the words, “play” and “joy”.  This was the best present we had received by mail in a long time.  We reused some of those hearts today.  A parent commented that the treat bag toppers were a very clever idea to which I responded, “I get all of my ideas from the internet”.  Of course being a Creative Memories Independent Consultant helps me find really cool stuff on the project page on my website too. Grab your

Happy Valentine's Day

Digital Scrapbooking page of this week's creations

loves this Valentine’s Day and make sure you add the PLAY and JOY to their lives…


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