Blowing Kisses

It’s my birthday today.  I don’t think my birthday is particularly important now that I am over 40.  In fact, I often have trouble remembering exactly how old I am.  Birthdays are a reflective time just as other transitions in life such as New Year’s, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, holidays.   I begin to imagine my life in front of me and why I have made the choices I have.  My attention turns to a white sculpture of a face with an outstretched hand that my stepdad gave me for Christmas one year.  It is like the face is blowing a kiss.  I then turn my thoughts to my work at in health care.  Our lives are like blowing kisses.  Some are hastily blown while others float gently in the breeze until they land gently.  Some kisses last longer than others.  My mind now wanders to my passion for preserving memories and my own children.  I want to remember where the kiss of their lives started and wind up.  I want them to know that sometimes their kiss will be blown wildly in the wind and other times it will float along gently bumping into other kisses along the way.  I want to record these kisses and help others record the kisses that are important to them.


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